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Four different personalities stuck together in an uncomfortable situation. A conservative extrovert, an anxious homophobic homosexual, an irrational narcissist and an unfulfilled arrogant. All very common human traits, rarely seen as raw and as conflicted as this character’s display. This performance shows some of men and women of today, their personal biases, political influences, economic and educational situations. It emphasizes on the character’s inconsistencies; who onstage realize how dissatisfied they are and the lack of motivation that exist in them despite the resources around. It’s energetic and aiming to disturb the Viewer and has an unexpected turn of events.

Choreographer: Zarina Mendoza


Cast: Raymundo Martinez, Ramses Carranco, Mariel Rivas & Zarina Mendoza


 - Best Choreography and Audience Choice in Choreography Contest 4x4 TJ Nights(Tijuana,México-2015)


 - International Encounter of Contemporary Dance Entre Fronteras Mexicali, México

 - Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreography San Francisco, US

 - Sibu International Dance Festival - Sibu, Malaysia

 - Without Walls Festival - San Diego, US

 - Alternative Festival of Contemporary Dance - Pachuca, México

 - Bangkok International Dance Festival - Bangkok, Thailand

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