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Most human beings grow in a habitat, an environment, a geographical zone. Connections are created through years, habits and traditions become part of a person’s reality, letting go of that reality can be an exasperating situation. This dance piece is based on the performer’s commonality. It represents the physical and emotional challenges they went through. The journey to re-construct themselves and re-discover new ways to exist and persist after leaving their families, homes, friends and traditions behind to pursue their dreams.

Choreographer: Zarina Mendoza

Cast: Mariel Rivas, Alejandro Salomon, Michelle Calderas & Zarina Mendoza.


 - Virtual Solo International Performing Arts - Surakarta, Indonesia

 - Alternative Festival of Contemporary Dance - Pachuca,México
- Taiwan International Dance Exploration - Taipei, Taiwan

 - Sibu International Dance Festival - Sibu, Malaysia

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