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Sinapsis aims to display with movement the fascinating process of the human brain and mind. The brain is responsible for the processing and storing of information and bodily functions. The mind is the intangible process that enables a person to become aware of the world and their surroundings, to think, to feel, to respond and develop conducts and behaviors. It is the faculty of thought. This fascinating process has its caveats though, as the mind often forms cognitive biases that alienate us from the unknown, where we believe to be doing the “right thing” based on how popular a belief is in our surroundings, judge a decision based on its results or to look only at the positive aspects of our own decisions to justify it even when its evidently mistaken. Living in the information and connection era, overcoming this biases has never been easier, a mild curiosity approach and a few clicks or taps can easily dissolve many of the mental borders we form that alienate us from the unknowns, the natural learning skill is marvelous as it is perpetually shaping and polishing our individual belief systems allowing us to feel and be closer to each other.

Choreographer: Zarina Mendoza

Cast: Mosiah Ornelas, Raymundo Martinez, Mariel Rivas, Marilu Aguilar, Marcos Jaramillo, Alejandro Salomon & Zarina Mendoza



 - Best Lighting design XIX Regional Contemporary Dance Contest, Hermosillo, México (2014)


 - Andong International Dance Festival - Andong, South Korea

 - Puntos de Enuentro - Heredia, Costa Rica-2016

 - Sibu International Dance Festival - Sibu, Malaysia

 - Alternative Festival of Contemporary Dance - Pachuca,México

 - Bangkok International Dance Festival - Bangkok, Thailand

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