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Latin Rhythms 

Our Beginners Latin Rhythms class is specially designed for adults who want to learn and enjoy dancing to various Latin beats. This class aims to boost your energy levels while you learn basic steps and practice them to rhythms like cumbia, merengue, bachata, and salsa. The class will begin with a light stretch and warm-up to prepare you for dancing. As the class progresses, you will be introduced to four  new steps in each session, which will be practiced through all four classes. You'll gradually dance to various fun songs. Towards the end of each class, we'll do an activity where participants can mix and match the steps to a song in their own unique way, helping everyone feel comfortable dancing without the pressure of following specific steps.

The class offers a positive good-humored environment, making it the perfect introduction to Latin dances for those who are curious and ready to explore something fun. 

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